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Homeowners Insurance

Peace of mind where you live

Byam Insurance: protecting homes since 1906
Couple standing outside new houseIt’s the safe haven for your family, the place where life happens. For most people, a home will be the largest financial investment they’ll ever make. An investment this big deserves the right protection. The continued comfort and security a home provides is invaluable. The professionals at Byam Insurance can help determine what coverage you need as well as eliminating any coverage that’s simply unnecessary.   Whether you rent or own, having the right insurance in place ensures you and your family are taken care of should a disaster occur.

When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, there’s no place like Byam Insurance.

Protecting more than your house

Does your policy cover the actual replacement of your home…or are you underinsured based on today’s construction costs? If someone is injured on your property, who pays? It’s important to know what your policy covers…and what it doesn’t.

The professionals at Byam Insurance can show you how to be sure you have the coverage you need to rebuild in the event of a total loss. We’ll also help you review the things many homeowner’s don’t consider, such as:

  • Happy couple against new houseLiability Protection: From accidental damage to your neighbor’s property caused by you to a guest slip-and-fall injury, personal liability insurance should always be a part of your homeowner’s policy.
  • Other Structures Coverage: for your storage shed and/or detached garage
  • Loss of Use Coverage: If your home becomes uninhabitable, are you covered for the costs of shelter, dining out and other incidental expenses you’ll occur due to the loss of use of your home?
  • Contents Coverage: most policies have specific limits on certain personal property, such as art, jewelry, collectibles, electronics/computer-related equipment and software. Don’t be caught under-insured.

Byam Insurance looks at the whole package, analyzing your risks and determining what homeowner’s insurance is right for you.

Important information for renters

Far too many renters have assumed that their landlord’s property insurance provides them with the coverage they need should their personal belongings become damaged/destroyed in a loss. It’s important to know that property insurance covers the owner…not the renter! Your landlord’s property insurance will pay for HIS building, but does not cover your belongings. Byam Insurance can provide renter’s insurance that not only covers your personal belongings but also provides similar liability and other coverage you’ll find in homeowner’s policies.

Our Homeowner’s Insurance options include:

  • Homes
  • Rental property
  • Townhomes
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Mobile Homes
  • Vacant Homes
  • Homes under construction
  • Fire Policies
  • Umbrella
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Jewelry, artwork, etc
  • Multi Policy Discounts are available