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Homeowners Insurance for Billerica and Chelmsford

Homeowners insurance and home insurance covers your real estate investment

You know you need home insurance and a homeowners policy. In fact in most cases you will have a mortgage and a condition of your home loan will be that you carry homeowner’s insurance.  But there is more to it than that.  A home insurance policy has many options, choices, conditions, not to mention exclusions, which could be stated or simply not included.

When you own property in Billerica, Chelmsford, Dracut or Lowell you want to know that you are dealing with an insurance agent who will look after your interests and see to it that you have the right insurance for your needs. You don’t want to pay more than you need to and you also don’t want to get to claim time only to find out there is a problem.

Byam Brothers Insurance serves the people of Massachusetts with reliable and trusted insurance that is matched to your needs and underwritten by a leading carrier.  We all want to be treated as people and not numbers on a policy.  When you have a proper business relationship with your insurance agent, you can be confident the agent will go out of his or her way to ensure you have the right mix and match of home insurance and a homeowner’s policy that won’t let you down.

You want your agent to find you a homeowner’s policy that

  • Is matched to your real estate needs
  • That does not cost you more than it should
  • That covers you adequately for your risk profile
  • That won’t let you down when you need to claim

Remember home insurance is more than just your buildings and structures; you have many valuables inside you home that are not part of the walls, roof, foundations and other physical structures. Even when you rent a home you need to be sure your valuables are covered.

The sensible choice is to deal with an insurance agent you trust and rely on.